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About Us


Meet The Family

My name is Brandon and this is my wife and our 3 children. We like spending time outdoors playing at the park, visiting the gun range, and enjoy spending time serving in our community and at church. The love of essential oils started with my beautiful wife  for home remedies. For me, it started as a hobby that has now progressed into a business.


Meet the Maker

I am just your typical run of the mill All-American guy. I have spent most of my post college career in the electrical trade and I am now heavily involved in the solar industry. I got into making beard products kind of by accident.

 One day a friend of mine told me my beard looked dry and frizzy and that I need beard oil. I told him, "Beard Oil? Not for me bro!". About a month later my barber at the time, asked me during a trim if I wanted some beard oil. I finally gave in and it changed my facial hair experience forever. It added so much comfort to my face and increased the health of my beard it was amazing. However, the store bought stuff was not only expensive but most were full of weird chemicals. I knew there had to be a better way. After a lot of research, I decided to try to find that better way. Continue reading to find out what happened next.


Birth of the Rogue Patriot Beard Company

For far to long my beard was rough, scruffy and dry. I went on a quest to find a solution for the itch. I stumbled my way through some of the name brands but still found myself unsatisfied. It was at this point I decided to go Rogue. After a year and a half of R&D in the lab (aka my kitchen), I finally found what I was looking for. Once the dust settled, I discovered I had an over abundance of beard supplies, a new found passion and a beard binder full of ideas. I started giving beard oil to friends who loved the product and suggested selling it. I decided to try and take the road less traveled and the Rogue Patriot Beard Company was born. I hope you enjoy using my products as much as I did developing them.